The Department of Budget and Management is responsible for the preparation of the annual Operating and Capital Budgets. We also monitor the County's departmental expenses and revenues as well as the capital budget, perform management studies and provide fiscal analysis of operations.

Thank you for visiting our web site. As our budget reflects, the government of Rockland County is a very large organization with around 1,713 positions, spending about $729,000,000 a year and serving tens of thousands of our residents on an annual basis. In the Departments of Budget and Finance we believe our role is to administer the financial operations of the County in a legal, accurate and ethical manner but at the same time to be as informative and transparent in our operations as this large organization permits.

We hope that your review of our 2020 Adopted Budget is informative and easy to understand. If, after your review you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to call us at (845)364-3870 for assistance. Our office is located at 50 Sanatorium Road, Building A - 8th Floor, Pomona, NY 10970

2020 Adopted Budget Rockland County Government Current Bond Ratings as of 8/13/2019.
  •  Fitch A - Positive Outlook
  •  Moody's A2 Stable Outlook
  •  S & P A + Positive Outlook
Important Dates Budget Process
  • No Later than Oct. 1st The County Executive submits the proposed budget to the County Legislature for review.
  • No Later than Nov. 20th The County Legislature holds a public hearing on the proposed budget.
  • No Later than Dec. 7th The full Legislature meets to adopt the budget and/or submit changes to the County Executive. If the Legislature takes no action, the budget is deemed adopted.


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