October 1, 2018

To the Honorable Members of the Rockland County Legislature:

In accordance with Section 6.04 of the Rockland County Charter, I respectfully submit the 2019 Proposed Budget for your review and consideration.

I am pleased to report that as we approach the end of 2018, the County’s overall finances are beginning to turn positive. The County as of its last audit report in 2017 had a positive undesignated fund balance and we anticipate an additional increase at the end 2018. It has taken years to reverse the trend of a spiraling deficit fund balance to where we are today. [Read more...]

Table of Contents

County Executive's 2019 Budget Message


Legislative Amendments as Adopted by the Full Legislature Dec 4 2018


County Executive's Veto Message to the Legislature


Veto Schedule 2019


Executive Summary


Fiscal Impact


Fiscal Impact - Personal Services


County Organization


2019 Adopted Departmental Budgets


Below you will find PDF versions of the 2019 Adopted Budget:

Personnel Budget
Operating Budget
Program Budget
Capital Budget


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