Organization of Rockland County Government

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Rockland County Legislature

Local Law 15 of 1997 established 17 single-member districts, effective January 1, 1999. Seventeen Legislators were elected in the fall 1999 General Election to serve four-year terms, thus, reducing the size of the County Legislature from 21 to 17 members, effective January 1, 2000. More information about the Rockland County Legislature can be found on their website.

2018 Legislature



District 1

Hon. Douglas J. Jobson

District 2

Hon. Michael M. Grant

District 3

Hon. Jay Hood, Jr.

District 4

Hon. Itamar Yeger

District 5

Hon. Lon M. Hofstein

District 6

Hon. Alden H. Wolfe

District 7

Hon. Philip Soskin

District 8

Hon. Toney L. Earl

District 9

Hon. Christopher J. Carey

District 10

Hon. Harriet D. Cornell

District 11

Hon. Laurie Santulli

District 12

Hon. Charles J. Falciglia

District 13

Hon. Aron B. Wieder

District 14

Hon. Aney Paul

District 15

Hon. Patrick J. Moroney

District 16

Hon. Vincent D. Tyer

District 17

Hon. Nancy Low-Hogan, Ph.D.


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