Contract Agencies

The County of Rockland contracts with community agencies to provide services to its residents in the areas of health, economic assistance, culture and recreation, home and community service, as well as judicial, economic and public safety issues. These agencies provide a valuable public service by enhancing in a variety of ways the lives of all Rockland residents.

Organization List

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  • CA1171 - Legal Aid Society
  • CA4083 - Assoc for the Visually Impaired
  • CA6324 - NAACP - Nyack Branch
  • CA6343 - NAACP - Spring Valley Branch
  • CA7410 - Library Assoc of Rockland
  • CA7515 - Haverstraw Brick Museum
  • CA7518 - Friends of the Nyacks
  • CA7531 - Rockland Conservatory of Music
  • CA7535 - Debra Weiss Dance Company
  • CA7536 - Rockland Youth Dance Ensemble
  • CA7541 - Elmwood Communty Playhouse
  • CA7542 - County Choral Society
  • CA7545 - Rivertown Films
  • CA7550 - Rockland Camerata
  • CA7555 - Morning Music Club
  • CA7561 - Arts Council Of Rockland
  • CA7577 - Rockland YMCA - Nyack Branch
  • CA7642 - Chiku Awali African Dance Co
  • CA8804 - Child Care Resources Of Rockland
  • CA8958 - Rockland Schools the 21st Century
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