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Ed Day, County Executive

Ed Day, County Executive The County Executive is the chief administrative officer, economic development officer, budget officer, and purchasing agent for the County of Rockland. The County Executive oversees all departments. Those directly associated with the Office of the County Executive and established under Article 20.04 of the County Charter are included in the County Executive agency. The various departments that report to the County Executive and their respective services are:

  • Rockland Economic Development Corp. Its function is to encourage business relocation to Rockland, as well as the creation of new businesses and the expansion of exiting business.
  • Budget & Management - Stephen F. Degroat, Budget Director, Steven J. Grogan, Deputy Budget Director Its function is to assist the County Executive in the preparation of the annual budget for submission to the Legislature and its administration during the year.
  • Board of Ethics The Board renders advisory opinions with respect to the established standards of conduct for officers and employees of County government.
  • Municipal Dues The funds are provided for payment of the general dues of the County.
  • DWI Leslie Chernin-Berger - Provides a plan for the coordination of County, Town and Village efforts to reduce alcohol related traffic injuries and fatalities.
  • County Historian Craig Long, County Historian - Funding is provided for the maintenance and preservation of the historical records of the County of Rockland.
  • Economic Development - Lucy Redzeposki, Director - Promotes economic growth in the County and promotes Rockland County as a business and leisure tourist destination.
  • Organization List

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  • EXE1230 - EXE - Office of the County Executive
  • EXE1233 - EXE - Rkld Economic Development Corp
  • EXE1236 - EXE - Tourism (Merged with EXE1237)
  • EXE1237 - EXE - Economic Development & Tourism
  • EXE1340 - EXE - Budget and Management
  • EXE1470 - EXE - Board of Ethics
  • EXE1920 - EXE - Municipal Association Dues
  • EXE4250 - EXE - Stop DWI
  • EXE7510 - EXE - County Historian
  • EXEGX06 - EXE - DWI Crackdown Grt (4250)
  • EXEGX07 - EXE - DWI Crackdown 16/17 Grt (4250)
  • EXEGX08 - EXE - DWI Crackdown Grt (4250)
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    This is a overview of the agency's 2019 Adopted Personnel budget.

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