Fringe Benefits
Steven J. Grogan, Deputy Commissioner of Finance

This agency provides for the costs of the New York State Employee Retirement System, provides for the funding of the federal Social Security system for County employees, the Workers Compensation program as required by law, the cost of the employees medical, dental and vision insurance program.

In 2005, the County upgraded its Financial System to PeopleSoft, a division of Oracle, Inc. Due to the requirements of the new system, the County has changed the method in which Fringe Benefits are paid and budgeted. Prior to the system implementation, bills for fringe benefits were paid from the FB departments listed below and the individual departmentís fringe benefit accounts 1910 Health, 1911 Dental, 1912 Vision, 1920 Retirement, 1930 Social Security, 1940 Unemployment Insurance, 1950 Workers Compensation and 1960 Tuition Chargeback were charged for these fringe benefits. Effective August 1, 2005, bills for the fringe benefits listed above have been paid directly from each departmentís fringe benefit accounts. This change is reflected in the 2006 Budget for the below listed FB departments. The only appropriations budgeted in these accounts are for the payment of Hospital and Medical, Employee Dental, Employee Vision and Employee Tuition for Rockland Community College.

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  • FB9010 - FB - NYS ERS Retirement - RCC
  • FB9060 - FB - Health Insurance - RCC
  • FB9061 - FB - Dental Insurance - RCC
  • FB9062 - FB - Vision Insurance - RCC
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