Department of Finance
Stephen DeGroat, Commissioner of Finance
Steven J. Grogan, Deputy Commissioner of Finance

Finance is to perform all fiscal responsibilities for the County for revenue and expenditure recognition, collection of delinquent taxes and approve payments of all lawful claims for which the County is responsible. The office administers the activities of County owned real estate including lease and land negotiations, collection of rents, sale of delinquent property and maintenance of countywide tax mapping. It advises assessors and processes the error and omission program. The office’s payroll unit is responsible for processing the County’s payroll.

Organization List

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  • FIN1325 - FIN - Department of Finance
  • FIN1961 - FIN - Refunds of Prop Tax & Judgements
  • FIN9710 - FIN - Serial Bonds
  • FIN9719 - FIN - Mental Health Serial Bonds
  • FIN9720 - FIN - Hospital Serial Bonds
  • FIN9760 - FIN - Tax Anticipation Notes (TANS)
  • FIN9790 - FIN - State Loans (NYPA Loan)
  • 2019 Adopted Budget Agency Overview

    This is a overview of the agency's 2019 Adopted Operating budget.

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    FIN Total Revenues


    Local Share


    This is a overview of the agency's 2019 Adopted Personnel budget.

    Total Dollars

    Position Count

    FIN - Salaries, Employees



    FIN - Overtime



    FIN - Temporary



    FIN - Summer & Student Employment



    FIN - Relief Positions




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