The Rockland County Charter empowers the Legislature to be the legislative, appropriating and policy determining body of the County. It is also responsible for the annual audit of the County. The Legislature is to enact all laws; create and abolish positions; determine the salary of County employees; conduct audits and investigations; review and adopt the annual County Operating, Capital, Sewer and Community College budgets; make appropriations, levy taxes and incur indebtedness for all County operations.

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  • LEG1010 - LEG - Legislative Board
  • LEG1021 - LEG - County Audit
  • LEG1040 - LEG - Clerk of the Legislative Board
  • 2019 Adopted Budget Agency Overview

    This is a overview of the agency's 2019 Adopted Operating budget.

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    LEG Total Revenues


    Local Share


    This is a overview of the agency's 2019 Adopted Personnel budget.

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    LEG - Salaries, Employees



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