Doug Schuetz, Acting Commissioner

The Department of Planning advises all municipalities on land use and zoning issues that relate to regional planning as required under the State General Municipal Law. The department also manages activities related to transportation planning and congestion management, prepares the County capital program, provides demographic information, manages the geographic information system, and provides maps for a multitude of topics. Finally, the Department of Planning coordinates several committees including; the Rockland Riverfront Community Council, the Rockland Municipal Planning Federation, and the Rockland Historic Preservation Board. Also the department works on special projects related to land use and zoning, is the liaison for the Rockland Planning Board, and interrelates with municipal, regional and state agencies on developmental issues.

According to the Rockland County Charter, it is the responsibility of the Planning Department through its Commissioner, in cooperation with the Rockland County Capital Projects Committee, to develop an annual capital program for Rockland County. More details about this plan are available on the Planning Department's website.

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