Louis Falco, Sheriff

The Sheriff is to provide a safe environment through the administration and operation of the various divisions of the Sheriff’s Office, which includes:

  • Transport Unit – This unit has the responsibility for the handling and movement of all inmates committed to the Rockland County Correctional Facility.
  • Bomb & Fire Investigation Unit – This unit deals with bomb prevention/incidents related to terrorism and domestic acts of violence.
  • Administration – Is structured to provide centralized management and control of the various units.
  • Family Court Investigation Unit-This unit works with the Social Services’ Child Support Enforcement Unit in locating delinquent parents and claiming and collecting assets.
  • Civil – Its function is to serve court mandates such as; attachment orders, income executions, property executions, arrest warrants and summonses.
  • BCI – Compiles, updates and disseminates arrest information to County and local law enforcement agencies. The Bureau employs modern techniques to identify criminal suspects.
  • Patrol – This unit is the law enforcement arm of the County as well as providing security for County buildings and land.
  • River Patrol - This unit provides security and emergency response on the Hudson River.
  • Computer Crime Unit – This unit investigates all types of criminal activity committed through the use of computers, electronic devices and the Internet.
  • Communications – This unit acts as a coordinator of police and emergency communication. It dispatches 26 fire departments for initial and mutual aid fires.
  • Mounted Patrol – This horseback unit is trained to deliver police and enforcement services usually when there are large public gatherings.
  • Intelligence Unit –This unit is responsible for gathering and evaluating crime data.
  • RC Police Information Network –This unit allows various law enforcement agencies to connect to and utilize existing computer bases to facilitate efficient communication and shared information.
  • REACT Unit – Team of police officers from participating agencies in Rockland that are specially trained in “Rescue, Entry and Counter Terrorism”.
  • Police Academy – Is a comprehensive center for police training.
  • Jail - The facility provides housing for inmates in various stages of the criminal justice system including: criminal, civil, sentenced, pre-sentenced, parole and probation violators.
  • Jail Health Services - Provides access to care that meets all inmates medical, dental and mental health needs. The services include but are not limited to providing; assessment, treatment, preventive care, diagnostic testing and health education to inmates.
  • Organization List

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  • SHF3106 - Sheriff - Transport Unit
  • SHF3107 - Sheriff - Bomb & Fire Investigation Unit
  • SHF3108 - Sheriff - Administration
  • SHF3109 - Sheriff - Family Court Investigation Unit
  • SHF3110 - Sheriff - Civil Division
  • SHF3111 - Sheriff - B.C.I.
  • SHF3112 - Sheriff - Patrol
  • SHF3113 - Sheriff - River Patrol
  • SHF3114 - Sheriff - Computer Crime Unit
  • SHF3115 - Sheriff - Communications
  • SHF3117 - Sheriff - Intelligence Unit
  • SHF3118 - Sheriff - RC Police Information Network
  • SHF3119 - Sheriff - REACT Unit
  • SHF3120 - Sheriff - RC Police Academy
  • SHF3150 - Sheriff - Jail
  • SHF3151 - SHF - Jail Health Svcs
  • SHF3160 - SHF-Building Security
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