Steven J. Grogan, Deputy Commissioner of Finance

The departments which are listed under this agency provide the following: cover the expenses incurred in the payment of fees in criminal actions and proceedings in the various town/village police courts in the County as required by State law. Also, this particular agency covers the costs of the Department of General Services which are not attributable to a specific County department but are expenses of the County such as providing services to the Courts. Also, the agency provides contingency funds to cover unforeseen events, actions or activities approved by the County Legislature. The purpose of the Commissioner of Labor is to develop a closer working relationship between labor and management in the County. The Unallocable Revenue Department holds revenue which cannot be allocated to specific departments in the County’s Operating Budget for the General (A) Fund.

Organization List

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  • UNC1031 - UNC - Retiree & COBRA Reimb
  • UNC1032 - UNC - Surviving Dependents
  • UNC1162 - UNC - NYS Court Retirees
  • UNC1180 - UNC - Justice Courts
  • UNC1411 - UNC - DMV Retiree Fringe Benefits
  • UNC1610 - UNC - Unallocable General Services
  • UNC1989 - UNC - Municipal Assistance
  • UNC1990 - UNC - Contingency
  • UNC8050 - UNC - Commissioner of Labor
  • UNC9990 - UNC - Unallocable Revenue Department
  • UNC9992 - UNC - Hospital Retiree Fringe Benefits
  • UNC9999 - UNC - Closed Departments
  • 2019 Adopted Budget Agency Overview

    This is a overview of the agency's 2019 Adopted Operating budget.

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    This is a overview of the agency's 2019 Adopted Personnel budget.

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    UNC - Salaries, Employees




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