Rockland County Youth Bureau

The Intergenerational Services: Youth department is a public planning, funding and coordinating agency for youth and family programs in Rockland County. It is responsible for maintaining current information on youth needs, helping to enhance communication among youth service agencies and allocating state funds. In addition, the Intergenerational Services: Youth department administers the County Youth Employment Program and the Rockland County Youth Council. It is the goal of the Intergenerational Services: Youth department is to prevent and reduce juvenile delinquency and to assist youth to become productive members of society.

The Rockland County AmeriCorps was established by a grant received by the Intergenerational Services: Youth from the National Americorps Volunteer Program. The program supports summer and yearlong volunteers who serve with non-profit and municipal organizations in the County to increase environmental awareness that will result in improved environmental quality in homes, parks and public places.

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  • YB1250 - YB - Youth Bureau
  • YB1251 - YB-Rkld Conservation & Service Corps
  • YBGY05 - YB - Neighborhood Viol Prevnt Grt (1250)
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