Debt Service
Steven J. Grogan, Deputy Commissioner of Finance

The Debt Service Fund represents the County payment of principal and/or interest on debt service for serial bonds or long-term debt issued by the County.

Organization List

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  • DSV9718 - DSV - Serial Bonds
  • DSV9901 - DSV - Contribution to General (A) Fund
  • DSV9902 - DSV - Contribution to Sewer (G) Fund
  • DSV9950 - DSV - Unallocated Debt Service
  • DSV9991 - DSV - Pay Escrow-Advcd Refundng Bonds
  • 2019 Adopted Budget Agency Overview

    This is a overview of the agency's 2019 Adopted Operating budget.

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    DSV Total Revenues


    Local Share


    This is a overview of the agency's 2019 Adopted Personnel budget.

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