October 2, 2017

To the Honorable Members of the Rockland County Legislature:

On my first day as County Executive in 2014, our county faced a deficit fund balance of nearly $138 million and a bond credit rating of Baa3 with a negative outlook; one step above junk bond status. Today, our deficit fund balance has been nearly eliminated and our bond credit rating is A- with a stable outlook. This progress was a collective endeavor with the participation of our employees, our unions, and our taxpayers. My administration will continue to be fiscally prudent with our taxpayers’ money, ensuring that we further improve our balance sheet and begin building our reserves to meet the challenges ahead.

Therefore, in accordance with Section 6.04 of the Rockland County Charter, I respectfully submit the 2018 Proposed Budget for your review and consideration. [Read more...]

Table of Contents

County Executive's 2018 Budget Message


Executive Summary


Fiscal Impact


Fiscal Impact - Personal Services


County Organization


2018 Adopted Departmental Budgets


2018 Adopted Capital Budget


Below you will find PDF versions of the 2018 Adopted Budget:

Personnel Budget
Operating Budget
Operating Program Budget


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