As you may know, the County of Rockland is a lead agency in the Verify New York program to identify provider overcharges and misbilling in Medicaid. Even though our County expenses are fixed and predictable, the effect of over-billing is a burden on every taxpayer and thus, must be urgently addressed. The County of Rockland intends to pursue this issue very aggressively until we are satisfied that our taxpayers are paying to providers only what is required under the law and no more. We urge your personal support for continuation of this initiative.

The pie graph below shows Rockland's largest New York State mandated appropriations.

As of December 2013, Rockland County had 79,952 medicaid eligibles as shown by the worksheet located here. That worksheet also shows the medicaid eligibles for other counties in New York State.

The bar graph below shows Rockland's Largest Mandated Programs vs Property Tax.

The bar graph below shows the relationship between Rockland's Largest New York State mandated programs and the Rockland County property tax.


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