Of prime importance to you as a taxpayer of Rockland County is the amount to be raised by the County property tax. The Rockland County tax rate for 2018 is $3.05 per thousand dollars.

The following table shows the County property tax levy and rate through the 2018 Adopted Budget.

Fiscal YearTax LevyFull ValueCounty Tax Rate
2009 Adopted$59,100,000$45,960,460,550$1.29
2010 Adopted$60,500,000$44,279,778,760$1.37
2011 Adopted$61,700,000$40,661,902,957$1.52
2012 Adopted$81,059,855$39,243,176,471$2.07
2013 Adopted$96,000,000$38,245,682,562$2.51
2014 Adopted$105,960,167$36,615,123,723$2.89
2015 Adopted$107,978,376$34,972,838,427$3.09
2016 Adopted$118,629,010$37,458,497,598$3.17
2017 Adopted$120,015,000$38,269,791,931$3.14
2018 Proposed$122,355,000$40,061,306,911$3.05

The graph below shows the County Tax Rate from 2008 through the 2018 Adopted Budget.


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